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rehue rewe 001

rehue rewe 001

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This simple and sacred wood carving is a wooden statue called rehue, made by the Mapuche people of Chile.

The creator, siva, was born in Chile, studied Buddhism in India, and has lived in Japan after passing through various countries. While living in Chile, she learned the carving and spirituality of rehue and chemamull directly from the Mapuche tribe. siva work in alaharasuyafo, the forestry industry, and creating daily rehues of various sizes from cedar, zelkova, pine, and other trees found around them.

The rehue is a sacred totem, a link between earth and sky, and a means of communicating with the Mapuche gods. siva's rehue seems to be a mixture of the style of the chemamull, wood-carved statues also made by the Mapuche people.

The small statues, made of pine, have a stripped-down beauty.
Having studied Buddhism in India, he is very religious. The sacred atmosphere that this statue exudes seems to have taken the sacredness within himself and given it form.

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サイズ:高さ360mm × 幅90mm



 Material: pine

Size: 360 mm (height) X 90 mm (width)

Weight: approx. 2 kg

Caution: Because it is made of pine, the parts that come in contact with it will get yani (tar). It is recommended that the stand be covered with something to prevent yani from sticking.

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